Driving Service Efficiency and Customer Engagement in Retail

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Retail service efficiency and engagemnt book

Reclaim the retail advantage through seamless customer experience​


After a decade of the Amazon effect, COVID-19 has prompted ​another momentous shift in consumers' habits and expectations.

Consumers seek at-distance solutions in greater numbers, with greater urgencyfor a wider array of goods and services, and with expectations of a complete, personalized, omnichannel retail journey that enhances their experience across every retail touchpoint.

Meeting these demands will boost your brand, boost your bottom lineand elevate your ​employee and customer experience, whatever the retail model may be.

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What's inside

1. The Retail Landscape: Reclaim the retail advantage

2. Retail Objectives: Orchestrate an end-to-end retail journey
3. Customer Story: Nourish the customer relationship
4. Innso Solutions: Enhance operations, elevate the consumer experience
5. Innso Solutions: Conversational ease and customer focus
6. Client Use Cases: Innso's agility—a perfect fit
7. Client Results: Measurable benefits

Unlock insights, efficiencies, and relational moments ​across the entire retail journey​


Store to Contact Center Transfers

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Increased Contact Center Productivity

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Increased Contact Center Productivity

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